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WEB 3.0

We know that the future is Blockchain,
this is why we develop DAPP, NFTS and Crypto Wallets.


We develop dapps, that use blockchain technology allowing users to create the next gen apps based under decentralization concept.


NFTs are known in the crypto art community, but we know the potential of use cases in other areas, we help our clients to develop new crypto solutions.


We love crypto culture and have experience developing cryptowallets.


The metaverse is an experience through a VR/AR/XR Headset, mostly online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. You can think of it as a new iteration of the internet. The metaverse allows users to work, meet, game, and socialize together in these 3D spaces. We have developed some of these spaces in Horizon Worlds and other metaverse platforms.

work methodology

Teams must see every task and bug in the backlog in order to prioritize the overall objectives.
Jira’s robust workflow engine makes sure that once defects are logged, they are instantly allocated and prioritized.
Teams can then follow a bug until it is fixed.

agile dashboard

With Microstrategy BI dashboards we monitor in real time the achievement of the project and organize the data collected within the digital channels.
With this we can make campaign adjustments in a much more accurate way.