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Business Intelligence Dashboards

We care that our clients make decisions based on data,
we are a data-driven agency.

power BI

We implemented BI dashboards with one of the best BI tools that allowed our customers to create a data-driven mindset. It handles relational and graphical data modeling.


NASA, Facebook or Netflix make decisions based on dashboards powered by Microstrategy, the number one business analytics platform. And now available to any company, why shouldn’t you?
With Microstrategy you can easily cross-reference data from different sources.

google data studio

Another tool in our portfolio that allows you company to generate clear reports and dashboards, fully customizable and easy to consult and share.


Tableau makes it easy to explore and manage data. It allows us to discover and share information faster to create big changes in business and in the world. It is a very flexible tool to perform different visualization formats. It allows to govern the information that is published through permissions on roles and profiles.