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En Iridian Consulting encontrarás Páginas web, Aplicaciones móviles, Estrategias SEM/SEO y Redes sociales pensando en el perfil de su marca.


About Us


Agencia Digital

We would like to thank to the Japanese Artist, Tokio Aoyama (http://tokio-art.com/), who reflected our Mission and Vision, which is the desire of digitally changing the world, always pointing the Iridian world, in which the future, the fantastic, the digital and the highest esthetics cohabit. Our symbol is the dragon, a mythological creature that’s always flying with his own effort, and determines the future.


The mandrakes surrounding Iridian, are trees capable of taking any form our visitors want. We develop websites thinking in your brands profile, and the people who use it. We create interactive environments to gather people around it.

The floating houses, built in Iridian, move all over the city searching for their residents. We use mobile technology to support your clients wherever they go, and we establish an intimate relation with each one of them.

Parallel universes, fantasy tales and imaginary creatures, surround Iridian?s world, where we want the visitor to be directly involved. There's no funnier way to accomplish this, than through applications and games development. At last, the good times are the ones that make good relations.

Around the Iridian mill, the engine that allows the knowledge distribution to every visitor in the web, revolve the future cities. We develop marketing plans, and realize optimizations in the search engines. It's worthless being the best, if your company isn't well known. That?s why we are ready to connect it, and make it known to the rest of the world.

The imaginary creature?s factory, Iridian, is a machine that turns imaginary creatures into living creatures. We develop animated reels, avoiding conventional media, always trying to put the best technology at your service, to surprise you and your clients.

The governor of the Iridian kingdom not only has the best warriors, it also got contact with excellent strategists, able to communicate efficient and quickly one point with the farthest corners of the kingdom. In order to make your company well known in the entire world, we develop a strategic planning "Execution Premium" for the social channel of our clients. "Execution Premium" was designed by well-known Harvard teachers, which guarantee greater efficiency and better strategy control. At the end, the client may review and control his strategy, due to the Balanced ScoreCard Indicators.

For many centuries dragons used to shelter in their caves, watching their treasures. Under this view, we have reflected the original, the daily and the humorous; this great mixture is commonly known as “andresiano language”. These “andresiano” elements have been applied, to the restaurant 'Andres Carne de Res' web page. This creation is also available for cell phones.

The following statement existed in the ancient Eastern empires:“The Earth meets the Dragon”. This proverb has been translated to the community between Iridian Consulting and Alfa. The Alfa’s website engineering has been designed, thinking in the sobriety and eclecticism. We’ve thought about this style combination, due to the variety of household products that this company offers.

The dragon’s king live in five different points: at the center, and in the remaining four corners, so that his kingdom is expanding all around the world. Under this concept, we've wanted to expand our creations to the users all over the world. In this case, being extremely faithful to the aesthetics we've captured in the Andrés Carne de Res website, we designed a presentation, so the mobile users may enjoy a wonderful trip around the original world of Macondo, which has characterized this traditional restaurant.

This time, the dragon, with its perpetuated vision to the future, has been flying over our continents land. The rain forests, the high mountains, the tropical landscapes, the Caribbean Sea, and the blue sky, is the Americas Union symbol; which we’ve wanted to imprint into the Latin America and Caribbean Civic Movements Network (Lima Agreement).

Iridians dragon shares with Accesorios y Acabados (Accessories and finishes), the elegance philosophy, senses captivation, design and technology, which has been easy to capture their ideas, and pouring into a brown, blue and yellow website. This is a versatile website that allows users to look up for bathrooms accessories.

Iridian was consolidated in remote times, over the simple and efficient pillars. Just like the Dragon 

is capable of identifying every single place while he is flying, we’ve wanted to make every searching

experience, such as restaurants, bars, and companies, something simple and practical, from every

place around the world.
Iridian was, in remote times, like an Atlantis, a knowledge promoter, just like our symbol, the dragon 

is the symbol of wisdom.

Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería (Colombian Engineering School), a prestigious university, required

our services, and we’ve fulfilled with their expectations. A website with attractive design, easy

management, allows access to the library and a database which contains books, newspaper

publications and statistics data, and provides the available information the university offers.
The dragon is one of the creatures that have been characterized by their presence and enigmatic 

beauty. The turquoise and gray squares, within images that show the excellent performance of

the clinical laboratory Exámenes & Diagnósticos, (Exams & Diagnostics), this website became in an

excellent presentation, which Iridian is proud of presenting to its visitors. We invite you to take a look

at the presentation of this website to enjoy an extremely pleasurable navigation.
The mythical skill of being a treasure keeper is something that characterizes the dragon. Any other 

creature represents better the safety and efficiency. We thought both, in design and appropriate

engineering, to make the software usage easier, which allows you moving your accounting with the

simplest interface, and the best security components.

The Cyberaccount developers say about their website: "A safe place that allows all sent information,

from a client to the server, or vice versa, to be encrypted (hidden), increasing the reliability and

trustworthiness of transactions".
The dragon, through its constant movement above the future city, has provided energy to Iridian city 

since ancient times.

We present our visitors the website we've designed for FTC Energy Group, which we are proud of,

due to its sobriety and simple exploration. We thank this company for depositing their trust in us, and

which we have responded fulfilling the expectations.
The dragons appear to those who want to escape from the routine. To break up the monotony that 

the contemporary landscape may produce, as it’s displayed in the presentation image, we have

involved the orange rotating circles animation at the bottom of the Kokov builder website, that way

the visitor may have a whole new experience.
Dragons are able to communicate each other over long distances without using words. Like this, we've 

wanted our users to contact their interest places. We moved the multiple functions that Business Tag

offers, into a mobile application; including search, and contacting with any kind of business. A useful

yet simple experience
In the ancient oriental stories, in autumn the dragons dive in the deep seas, moving underwater 

with great skills. Among the multiple details show in the Naves S.A.S website presentation, what

stands out is the vertical scrolling, which makes the navigation of every webpage port, a comfortable

experience, fully pleasant to the senses.
The music is heard from the depths of the caves in the Iridians Mountains. The Hall Effect, the 

Colombian alternative rock band of the moment, has put their entire trust in our company, to design

their website and we haven’t disappointed them. In this website, visitors will find news, coming up

tours, music, pictures, videos and other alternatives so that their visitors may feel close to the band

and share with them an unforgettable experience.
The dragon’s enigmatic beauty makes this mythical beast one of the most elegant among the known 

creatures. Elegance and manageability are the main features of this website, to which we've focused

our energy and dedication. Basses is a specialized company in the marketing of bathroom divisions,

whose products are of a really high quality, and an excellent functional design.
The dragon flies majestic and peaceful under the Iridians Skies. Two words may describe the Kleenex 

website: Docility and Beauty. We achieved this, due to the pastel colors, and the navigability is

translated in a horizontal fluid display, creating a website allowing women to feel comfortable during

the exploration.
The dragon is one of the fastest and highest flying creatures in the fantastic world. To the sobriety 

and elegance that characterizes Fords cars; we've added dynamism and a fluid navigation. Using

the comic, even making a historical Ford review through the moving images, makes us away from

conventional presentations.
The dragon is a mythological beast, heavens messenger, and presage communicator. The Claro Pymes 

presentation has demanded the greatest possible care and dedication, so its interface may allow the

communication and fluid dialogue between user and the communications company, Claro. We invite

our visitors to check out this presentation.
The dragons are able to take any form; therefore they are able to move in any element. In this case, 

the dragon has traveled to the “old western” landscape, and has poured all of his energy in the

website of El Rodeo restaurants. The fast food restaurant El Rodeo is undoubtedly one of the most

recognized restaurants in the country, and we wanted to keep up with a good design, that not only

shows their high quality philosophy, introducing the visitor to a stable environment, but also, in a

simple and enjoyable navigation.
For the launching of the Ford Ranger, Iridian, which is intended to determine the future’s course, has 

proposed itself as a challenge, through multiple images and videos, to make a past view, starting from

the XX century until our days, the magnificent history of the Ford Rangers models. We encourage our

users to enjoy this great experience.
The dragon is one of the fastest and highest flying creatures in the fantastic world. To the sobriety 

and elegance that characterizes Fords cars; we've added dynamism and a fluid navigation. Using

the comic, even making a historical Ford review through the moving images, makes us away from

conventional presentations.
Dragons appear only, to those who want the fantastic to get introduced in the daily life, and this is 

what we wanted to do with El Cotidiano restaurant's website. Involving the fantastic and elegance

into the simple and natural, it was possible due to the texture we decided to use in this website. We

encourage our Iridian visitors to enjoy this presentation.

The dragon is capable of adapting to any of the elements, and in this case he developed in the Mexicans restaurant form. Our challenge has been to introduce the visitor of the "El Carnal" website, into this Central American region, suggesting the Aztec style, over an ochre background; the visitor enjoys in a very pleasurable way, and with total efficiency, the menu and the services provided by El Carnal. The vision of this restaurant is to consolidate as the best Mexican food restaurant, in Bogota and all over the country.

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